Yoga in Dahab

Yoga and Dahab- the perfect combination

Dahab in South Sinai, Egypt, is a unique holiday destination with numerous activities to enjoy your time. It is not only famous amongst divers and surfers, but developed an increasing popularity for those holiday- makers who like to be active away from water- sport. 

Yoga, hiking, desert safaris, visiting amazing sites like St. Katherine, Mount Sinai, various canyons or the beautiful oasis "Ain Khudra" are also possible.  Relax while enjoying the ever- color- changing desert mountains and the luscious blue of the Gulf of Aqaba.

The stillness of the desert and the sounds of the sea provide a surrounding that perfectly suits the purpose of yoga. It supports you to leave the stress and noise, we usually suffer from in the western societies, behind and experience the present moment intensely. 

Benefits of Yoga practice

Yoga is for everyone, there is no limit concerning age, gender or flexibility!! 

There are numerous 
ASANA (body positions) from easy to intense.


Yoga works on a holistic level, inner organs and glands are “massaged” and blood circulation improves, which helps the body to strengthen the immune system.
Thus, a regular practice cannot only help to create a strong and flexible body, but also improves your body awareness, stabilizes body & mind, helps to relax as well as relieve pain and can improve illnesses.
During the practice body, breath and mind are working together, so you will be able to experience the present moment intensively.

PRANAYAMA (breathing exercises) teaches you to control your breath. The various exercises clean the body and calm the mind. Breathing exercises help train the lungs and make them work more effectively, increase their volumes which boosts oxygen levels and enhances concentration. 

MEDITATION brings you closer to yourself and provides you with peace of mind and happiness. Regular practice can teach you to control your thoughts, increase your focus and creativity and enables you to see the
bigger picture of yourself and your surrounding.